Creating  a difference

Help create a difference and help protect our community's we are a501c3 non profile organization all
donations are tax deductible. If you would like to help make a difference please donate, your donation

Upcoming Project in the works:

Ukraine Refugee Aid

Animal rescue for abused animals

"Fight Cancer" in memory of Mark Valentine


just one random act of kindness a day,
make a difference to someones life

Help make the difference. 
Have you "paid it forward today"?

What a difference it makes to do a random act a kindness.

It doesn't even need to cost anything! You can simply hold a door open for someone, tell someone they look nice or let that person with 1 item go ahead of you in the grocery store!


Help make the difference. We have several projects we are currently working on:
* Homeless project
*Ukraine refugee aid 
* Stop animal abuse program 
* Fight Cancer project in memory of  Mark Valentine


Please register with our organization and let us know what you did today for your random act of kindness and made a difference to a complete stranger...
God bless..